October 14 – November 6, 2016

john farr : overlord 1
john farr : overlord 1

Film Nite: Oct. 28  popcorn and short films by John Farr, Bryce Kanbara, Jewel Foster, Jim Chambers, Ted Haines, Peter Karuna.


Tesatawiyat (te/sa/ta/wi/yat)                                                                                  ‘Come in’ (when someone knocks on your door.)


a photo project by Bryce Kanbara and photographer Mina Ao, and Wilamina McGrimmond & Richard Claus, Shane Pennells, Jerica Ryan, Janet Town, Yvonne Maracle, Debb Elmes, Howard Moses, Anastasia Blackey, Rod Nettagog, Tom Reape, Jill Shimizu-Wilson, Paula Lalonde, Melinda Shank-Miles, Pebbles Williams, Jenny Kay Dupuis, Shylo Elmyan, Eugene Kahgee, Sharon Lewis, Courtney Parisien and their families and friends. 

august 12 – sept 11 2016    gallery hours: wed-sun 12-5 pm

OPENING RECEPTION: FRIDAY, AUG 12, 7-10 PM (James North Art Crawl)  7:30 pm. Greetings by Mayor Fred Eisenberger and Shelley Falconer, President & CEO of Art Gallery of Hamilton.@ Refreshments!

Both are Equally Possible

“Both are equally possible.” new assemblage sculpture for floor and wall

*from “The Angst-ridden Executive”. Manuel Vasquez Montalban

July 8 – Aug 7
Opening Reception: Friday July 8,  7-10 pm (James N. Art Crawl)
both are equally possible july 2016 (4) both are equally possible july 2016 (5)

patrick carson

PATRICK CARSON:  Cuban Women behind the Facade, Havana 2012-2016
Opening Reception: Friday, June 10, 7-10 pm (James N. Art Crawl)
He hires street-wise agents to find temporary studio spaces and secure sitters for his paintings. Rambunctious and productive, The portraits make a rich statement about the resilience and beauty of the Cuban people.



brut interstellar


IMG_0001recent paintings from Berlin
May 13 – June 6
Opening Reception: Friday, May 13, 7-10 pm (James North Art Crawl)

Artists in attendance



we @ you me 2016

Pat Bond, Kati Bujna, Karen Nonnecke, Nancy Bryans, Barbara Townsend, Fleur Ange Lamothe, and Anonymous featuring new works by all.

April 8 – 24
Opening Reception: Friday, April 8, 7-10 pm (James N. Art Crawl)
Gallery hours: Wed-Sun, 12-5 pmwe@ymg2016 (3)

sweet obsession

sweet obsession  kimberly papp juliana lachance

Stage Fright, 20_x30_ copymarkers.archival.2016feb 12 – mar 6  2016

Opening Reception: Friday Feb 12, 7 -10 pm (James N. Art Crawl)                     

hot chocolate & cookies …

and everyone is welcome to sweet obsession in the evening Sat Mar 5, 7 pm. artists’ talks by kim and juliana ,plus a 5 minute video and cd launch by Juliana LaChance

omg@ymg 2015

OMG@YMG  Dec. 11 – Jan 3                                                                                       The annual year-end round up: donna ibing karen thiessen janice kovar, patricia kozowyk annerie van gemerden brian kelly wayne allan helen sovereign sienna sovereign keith shearsby marla panko peter kirkland janice jackson maureen paxton harold sikemma kimberly papp tom beechinor chuck eelhart julianna lachance andrew mcphail al peachey evelyn kelch bob ezergailis jim riley cees van gemerden marianne reim jim chambers dean gugler shelley niro sandra crisante-crespo andy glinski ted haines robert yates brian johnston …
This year featuring a $99.99 section in tribute to the Hundred Dollar Gallery.  1. maureen paxton