“YOU KNOW HOW KIM FEELS ABOUT MUTANTS…” by Barbara Iwanczyk and  Irena Vormittag, a curious three-day installation by two Polish-Canadian artists from two generations. (Jan. 6, 7, 8.)



BRIAN KELLY: “A picture of me when I was younger” or, “yeah, ok, it’s a lamp.” (Jan. 13-Feb. 19). Brilliantly misbegotten and illumined found-object sculpture for home and office. “Witty and wired!” Elaine Hujer, The Spectator. “The titles of the pieces give clues into the whimsical mind of the artist: ‘Bigger than a trout. Smaller than Sri Lanka’, ‘Hero of the Devolution’, and ‘She winked at me and I knew it wasn’t a good thing.” Laura Hollick, VIEW. (Art Docu Cees vanG.)

If I hold my breath long enough, i can see a Garamond "w" with a green bandana.


“a bit abstract” paintings by Holly Briesmaster, Robert Carley, Tom Cinti, Janice Jackson, Michael Robertson, Anita Weitzman (Feb. 22-Mar. 12). Artists coffee & poppy-seed cake discussion evening Mar. 7.

WE @ YOU ME 2006 (Mar. 17-26).The fourth annual version of V.Jane Gordon’s enhanced classworks at the Dundas Valley School of Art. Ulrike Balke, Willard Boudreau, Theresa Casey, Lorraine Darke, Diana Gordon, Gary Gray, Dean Gugler, M.Fleur-Ange Lamothe, Arlene Laskey, Pamela Leyland, Katherine Slimman, Dean Teague.

YOUR HEALTH. OUR WAY (April 5-9) 4th year students from Dr. Chris Sinding’s Health Studies course “Representations of Health and Illness” at McMaster University presented visual projects based on their research. “Not so much an exposition of art as it was an exploration of illness and disease through the study of social science ideas and what these ideas convey about living with an illness or disease such as AIDS/HIV, breast cancer and schizophrenia.” The work focused on a variety of illnesses and diseases represented through a range of artistic means. Donations solicited for the Hamilton AIDS Network.

STUDIO VISIT (April 16 – 30). Bryce Kanbara uses discarded painted drywall from the upstairs renovation to make and exhibit an installation of 25 wall reliefs entitled “Attic”.



Tree is one kind of sound. Sound, another kind of tree.
(May 5-27) An installation by Nora Hutchinson, with kitchen string, birch-bark, willow branches, snowfall video and crickets soundtrack.

READING HAMILTON (June 9-July 9) Curated by Andrew McPhail. grafiti

The gallery was an environment reflecting McPhail’s view of the city as a canvas for urban messages: text, commercial signage, graffiti. Sprayed and stencilled.  Featuring: Azul, Bill Pusztai, Chek, Duncan McLaren, Jenn Bedford, Ivan Jurakic, Dave Devries-Kuruc, Gosr, Seri, Relic. The work has been applied directly to the gallery walls, extending up to the ceiling, transforming the space into an environmental installation of street alley fever.” Laura Hollick, VIEW.

SUMMER BÛ CKÉ T (July 14-Aug 6) Recent works by Robert Yates, Cees van Gemerden, Helen Sovereign, Paul Ropel Morski, Kathy Renwald, Nicola Giles Morreale, Peter Karuna, Donna Ibing, Diane Cizek, Jim Chambers, Wayne Allan

ANATOLIUS (Aug 11-Sept 24) Brian Kelly and Bryce Kanbara build an 8 feet high figurative sculpture in styrofoam in the gallery, as an excercise for a commissioned work for the McMaster University Maths & Stats Department. Imposing, futuristic, the huge figure clutches a book in his right hand. “Please call it Charlton Heston!” (anonymous, guest book)


PETER BECKETT, TOM CINTI, RICHARD GRECK (Oct 13-Nov 5) Three painters with linked by maleness, big abstract painting and Hamilton. Beckett graduated from McMaster University in the 1980s and built a studio and home in the woods in Walter’s Falls; Tom Cinti lives and works above a storefront on King Street East; Richard Greck recently returned to his home town after living and working in Germany for fifteen years.

DECORATING THE GUN LOBBY: the remarkable “furni-sculpture of JAMIE OWEN. (Nov 10 – Dec  3)                                                                                                               HomeEntertainment

Featuring an 11′ long, 6′ high “entertainment centre” in the form of a revolver housing a TV. Owen’s works satirize gun culture in a funny, overblown way. Point, aim, and shoot, this show hits its target…a giant hand gun for a TV stand, a chair made from weapons, baby booties made from bullets, and hand grenades that are candle-holders. It’s … explosive interior design.” (Laura Hollick, VIEW)

GLAD TIDINGS (Dec 8-Jan 6) a seasonal delectation of art and crafts flowing over two adjoining galleries in James North wonderland. Over a hundred works!

Brought to you in cooperation with James North Studio, 328 James St N. Colleen O’Reilly-Lafferty/Jim Chambers


LOKI GILI: Song of Sorrow, Song of Hope (Jan. 7-28) From Toronto, a community art project about the Roma organized by Red Tree Arts Collective and Roma Community Centre. Additional works by Sandor Monos, Mary Keczan-Ebos, Kathy Rohonczy, Maria Sarkany, Tibor Nyilasi and Lynn Hutchinson.

When the Roma arrived in Europe, they created a sensation. Nobody knew where they had come from; and because all dark-skinned peoples from the Middle East were loosely called “Egyptians”, the Roma were labelled as such. When they arrived in the British Isles in the late 15th century, the name was later changed to “Gyptian” and finally, “Gypsy”.

SHELLEY NIRO: T’was the Night Before Chaos (Feb.9-Mar 4)                nero07a nine-panel light box photo-installation “The Shirt” (from an exhibition at The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, NY, 2004), and three new paintings “Smoking”, “Eating”, “Drinking”. Niro gives us some soft chaos, providing us with a pleasurable way to consider life issues. (Laura Hollick, VIEW)

we@you me 2007 the 5th annual exhibition of works by the enhanced studio group led by V.Jane Gordon. (March 9-18) Gerald Allain, Ulrike Balke, Jennifer Boucher, Theresa Casey, Lorraine Darke, Dean Gugler, Fleur-Ange Lamothe, Arlene Laskey, Kathleen Pearson, Gail Peck, Linda Rapai, Deen Teague. Our deliberations focused on R M Buergel’s three leitmotifs for Documenta Kassel: 1. Is Modernity our Antiquity? 2. What is bare life? 3. What is to be done?

RE-PRESENTING HEALTH & ILLNESS (March 30,31,April 1) exhibition by the fourth year Health Studies class of Chris Sinding, McMaster University. Muna Aden,Nicole Franek,Miranda Germani,Rob Guenther,Diane Ho,Julie Lewis,Erinn Macaulay,Elmer Mascarenhas,Lisa Masucci,Laura McCammon,Alison Peters,Corey
Rome,KellySalmond,Sal Scaglione,Meredith Vanstone. ” Nothing Comes Out Alive…my first foray into painting, is a compromise between the ideas I wanted to portray about infertility and my lack of painting skills…” M.Vandstone

a.s.a.p.(May 8,9) Art exhibition by the art clubs of St. Lawrence and Cathy Wever Public Schools. Supported by Hamilton Wentworth School Board,Hamilton-wentworth Catholic School Board,Cathy Wever Elementary School,St. Lawrence School,Garfield Weston Foundation,Ontario Arts Council.


yatesbaylowrezBAY CLASSICS (May 11- June 23) Seminal artworks about the environment produced in 1992 as part of the Reading the Water project. Robert Yates‘ 18 ft. DSCN4393 (2)painting Macassa, Hamilton Harbour, Burlington Bay . Cees & Annerie van Gemerden‘s black & white photo-projects, More trespassing anyone? and The post industrial family takes a bath in Lake Ontario.


LIFE IN THE CITY (June26, 27, 29) A photo-voice exploration of the strengths and weaknesses of Hamilton’s lower west-end neighbourhoods by three resident women. *Also featuring selected urban images by photographer (and CH reporter) Randy Steele. Coordinated by Carrie Seward, Wesley Urban

Anatolius and Friends (July 13 – Aug 5): A of A (BK&BK), The Annunciation (Wayne Allan), Harry Napier Kelly (Bill Kelly), Big Dolly (Jim Chambers). 

GOOD-BYE, HELLO! “Prologue” : ceramic urns, vases, vessels by Cheryl Kenmey   LINED PAPER SERIES paintings by Carrie 005_5 - CopyPerreault (Sept 14 – Sept 29 )








Two Performance Artists(Friday, Aug 10)   Back alley 8 pm. Naufus Ramirez Figueroa: Muxux Uleu (Navel of the Earth)  Gallery 9:30 pmBanner_ice_bed2 Irene Loughlin: grieving/separated from Ayles Ice Shelf.
Irene Loughlin: grieving/separated from Ayles Ice Shelf, performance.



i5 take you me: The i5 collective V.Jane Gordon, Ulrike Balke, Gerald Allain, Don Gordon, Sophie Edwards (a creative collective committed to inquiryand collaboration)conduct three week program of workshops, discussions and presentations live at you me gallery (Oct 12 – Nov 3)

Table to Wall: the Potters’ Guild of Hamilton & Region celebrates
Craft Year 2007. Guest Jurors: Wendy Walgate, Marc Egan. (Nov 9 – Dec 7)
Hosted jointly by you me gallery and James North Studio

you me gallery’s CHRISTMAS COLLECTION 2007 (Dec 14- Jan 6)
paul ropel morski diane cizek jim riley cees & annerie van gemerden
shelley niro wayne allan pat kozowyk jim chambers helen sovereign paul antic donna ibing …


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