BURGEONING: artists invite artists. Jan 11-Feb 3/08 additional works by Will Rueter, Lucy Gerritsen, Michael Allgoewer, Brian Lloyd, Jay Carrier, Christianne L’Esperance, John Hewak, Evelyn Kelch, Fran Freeman, Peter Kirkland.



KARAOKE: Denis Fafard and Bryce Kanbara Feb 7-Mar 2/08 “…a winter landscape, the kind of mass-produced image adorning millions of P1000607living-room walls. (Fafard) hangs it upside down, then paints on it. There’s a bit of a shock to this act: A beloved landscape is being desecrated by a kind of graffiti artist…”  Regina Haggo, Hamilton Spectator.


We @ you me gallery 5 March 12-24/08 Arlene Laskey,Gail Peck,JenniferBoucher,Lorraine Darke,Dean Gugler,Fleur-Ange Lamothe,Aliki Mikulich.

A.S.A.P.!! works by the Cathy Wever Elementary School Art Club April 8&9/08  Hamilton artists/instructors Judi Burgess and Kimberly Papp believe that creative expression should be encouraged as soon as possible in children’s lives. The results of twenty after-school sessons. Funded by the Hamilton Community Foundation.


ORIENT: Ingrid Nicolai and Ted Basciano. April 11-May 4/08 Nicolai’s fabulously flattened, illusionistic vessels and Basciano’s brilliantly quirky wall mosaics together for the first time.





*Rachel Mercer plays the five Bach cello suites May 5/08

SHELLEY NIRO: PHOTOWORKS May 9-June 9/08 Surrender Nothing Always, Grand River Series, Grand View. “…surrounding naught/always/Arms spread/eagled/soaring/static/tight/and/well wrought”  Kris (brava) p1000673


LUSH paintings by Paul Ropel Morski. June 13-July 6/08. “love the ‘big Pauls!”  D.Carter, Port Colborne ON


SHORT PANTS, LONG LIFE sculpture by Brian Kelly. July 11-Aug 2/08

p1000716 “Brian is smarter than other people (think he is)? Brian has more mind than we know what to do with? Brian is good, and good for us.”  Russ Brown

TAKIN’ RESPONSIBILITY drawings off-the-wall by Chris White and Alex Gorodskoy. Aug 8-24/08 “arrest the batman. I am the batman! You guys should be proud x infinite.” Andrew Bailey. “wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow”. Ariane Klassen “awesome possum!” Vivian Ross “very nice and funny…and a lot of further…” Petra and Mark, Czech Republic

RIPARIAN DARK  pen & ink, black latex paintings by Bryce Kanbara.  Sept 12-Oct 5/08 “I loved the Black forest of Life & Death…breathtaking!”  Simon DeAbreu riparian-dark-2008



COLLAGE EDUCATION paper and wood works by Evelyn Kelch, P1040066KathyRenwald, Thomas Monte Oct 10-Nov 9/08 “Khubsurat! (beautiful in urdu)” Fatima Malik “Superduper! best show on the Crawl.” Gaven Dianda




TREE OF LIFE woodcuts and paintings by Donna Ibing and Pat Kozowyk. Nov 14-Dec 7/08    “tree-rific!” J.Greenspan  “what a tree-t!”  R.Yates kozowyk22



email08email08A HAMILTON THING photography by Randy Steele, paintings by Mark Strutt. Dec 12-Jan 5/08





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