Five Painters: Dana Cowie, Diana Gordon, Grace Loney, Pascale Garrett,  Maureen Paxton Jan 9- Feb 8/09 . “All women, what about the boys?” S. Eby jan091

MOVIE PAINTINGS BY MAVIS DOGBLOOD one night only Feb 13/09 Paintings by Shelley Niro for her feature film “Kissed by Lightning”.  On the following day, you me gallery was the set for shooting the NYC art gallery scene. “Combing snakes out of his hair reminds me of my youth.” M.W. kissedbyltng2

FOR LENT: Brian Johnston, Diane Cizek, Gary Wolfe March 13-22/09 .Christian-based works for the Easter season.  “awesome addition to my Lenten experience.” Donna-Jean Brown. Works were subsequently installed in Christ’s Church Cathedral, 252 James North (May/June/July) for-lent-09-25

We @ you me gallery 6 April 3-11/09 Arlene Laskey,Don Graves,Barbara Townsened,Katherrine Slimmon,Jennifer boucher,M.Fleur-Ange Lamothe,Keith Bateson,Lorraine Darke,Carol Aliana Smith,Gail D. Peck,E.V.E.,Kathleen McKechnie Pearson.

Yellow Madonna: a window installation for International             Women’s Day (B.Kanbara/B.Kelly) 330/328 James St. North. yellow-window-09-303

PAINTINGS: Ralph Caterini, Fabio Gasbarri, Lorne Towes  May 8 – June 7/09 “What a trinity! Thank you.” Yvonne Woodley caterini may09-82 toewsmay092

ROBERT YATES, Groups of 7   June 12-July 5/09 Seven selections from each of seven diverse bodies of Yates’ work. “…And he has another painting of himself leaning into his wife, strumming a guitar. It’s a hilarious parody of a Harlequin romance cover that, in a backhand way, achieves something actually quite genuine.”  Jeff Mahoney, “Inside the Mind of Bob Yates”, Hamilton Spectator, June 17/09. yates-cups1

SHELLEY + HULLEAH = TROUBLE, July 10 – Aug 9/09. Shelley Niro (Brantford, ON), and Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie (Woodland, CA) team up for an excursion into the intricacies of Native issues. Tsinhnahjinnie, who teaches at University of California, Davis, created a series of digital photographic posters that addresses “the controversial  issue of utilizing Native American/ American Indian imagery as mascots”. shelleyhulleah-6

THE HOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY Aug 14–Sept 6  Photographers Jim Chambers, Will Heikoop, Hollie Pocsai, Cees van Gemerden and Pearl Company owner Gary Santucci turn their lenses on the city’s underbelly and their minds to the immense question of how we can make positive social change. Santucci’s selection of provocative video and still-photo sequences captured by the Pearl Company surveillance cameras drives the exhibition. They raise concerns about the ways our social service, law enforcement and political systems address the day-to-day and long-term contamination of life in Hamilton’s poorer neighbourhoods.. The artists ventured out of their aesthetic and ethical comfort zones to produce their work. They do not show people and places at their best.  This is not a pretty picture.  Artists’ Talk: Thursday Aug 20, 7:30pm santucci2 Watch a guy defecate on the ground then break into Santucci’s car. Watch a teen shoot off fireworks as if he’s firing a bazooka…Susan Clairmont, “Show reinforces need for sex trade program” The Hamilton Spectator, Aug 20/09.  They are striking, haunting. Candid images of women , some clearly desperate and doing desperate things. Stopping men, leaning into car windows, squatting in the open to take a pee with no hint of self-consciousness…Once you see these women, you don’t forget them. All taken from Santucci’s window.  Jeff Mahoney, “the tragic tales of Hamilton don’t just disappear” The Hamilton Spectator, July 29/09

Oneniteonly!Holy Mackeral, Martin Kratky’s farewell recital of 20th Century music for One Cello Saturday, August 15/09, 7 pm.  Admission free.

REMIX INSTITUTE – PHASE II OF THE CUBAN XCHANGE Sept. 11-Oct 4/09 Performances, exhibitions, workshops and interventions by more than 20 artists are presented in collaboration with Hamilton Artists Inc, You Me Gallery, The Print Studio, Hamilton’s Civic Museums, Brantford Native Housing, The Pearl Company, Niagara Artists Centre, Christ’s Church Cathedral, Workers Arts and Heritage Centre and the Hamilton and District Labour Council. remixo9o9-10

remixo9o9-11   As the Project Hub for the exchange, you me gallery hosts —an Access to the Process wall of sketches, proofs, notes by participating artists (Anne Milne, Andrew McPhail, Sadko Hadzihavanovic, Delio Delgado, Peter Karuna, Alison Judd, Fleur-Ange Lamothe, Shelley Niro, Colina Maxwell, Bryce Kanbara, curated by Bryce Kanbara—a Souvenir Shop with artworks created on route—a Curatorial Road Map with highlights from the project with Rafaela Perna/Cienfuegos, Yuneikys Villalonga/Havana and Ingrid Mayrhofer/Hamilton—CONNECTIONS TO OJISTOH Shelley Niro & René Francisco images from the workshop production of a deck and fence created in collaboration with Brantford Native Housing.

PEEK an installation by Brian Kelly Oct 9 – Nov 8/09 (an expanding exhibition for viewing through the front window while Bryce is in Japan) “It’s the offspring of the Europa  piece I did at the Inc. in the late 80’s. Peek is based on the patterns of light that remain and the auras that seep through your eyelids when you look into the light after you close your eyes.”  B. Kelly briankellly-peek09-14

PAJAROS, the Bird is the Word. Nov 13 – Dec 6/09. Big black & white paintings on ceiling tiles by Bryce Kanbara. pajaros1

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