p103090254 / 58 photo-installation by Bryce Kanbara. photographers Jim Chambers, Masoud Eskandari Jan 13 – Feb 5/12  Originally exhibited at Workers Arts & Heritage Centre Oct/Dec/11. “Black and white headshots of Hamilton’s artists are shown on one side of the display while photos of faces from the city’s Muslim community fill the other side. They merge together to represent the artist’s hope of introducing one community to the other.” Stacey Escott, Hammering Away at the city’s diverse community, The Hamilton Spectator, Sept 14/11.   Interview with Bryce Kanbara by Zinah El-Saffar of Mashriqyat newspaper: http://www.mashriqyat.com/newspaper/news_item/1143/

dsc_0548pARTners:  Lynn Bishop, Carmel Brennan, Corinne Duchesne, Judy Finch, Cathy Groulx, Diana Harding-Tucker, Janet Hendershot, Robert Montgomery, Audra Noble, Janet Read, Ernestine Tahedi Feb 10 – Mar 4/12  Part of a collaborative project circulated by the Ontario Society of Artists.


Barbara Iwanczyk: Are you ready to eat squirrel?   Kelly Drennan: Laced with dust and love  March 9 – April 8/1212   “Squirrels are actually pretty tasty –it wouldn’t be the end of the world.” Brian. “A lot of the work seems very courageous.” Sam. “One time in grade 4, I was walking home from school and a squirrel fell out of a tree and landed on the sidewalk in front of me. It broke some bones and was twitching. I took it home, put it in a box and dropped a cinder block on it to put it out of its misery. Good show.”J.P. Lovely balance of whimsy and lament.” Lisa D.



WE @ you me 2012 (the 9th edition): Linda Blakney, Dean Gugler, Kathleen Pearson, Barbara Townsend, Tony Marinus Vander Voert,  Cathy Yantsis. “This year we have been looking at the writings of Frankfurt school theorist Theodor Adorno.” Vjane Gordon, mentor. “We love the gallery, the cats & the punch!” C.U.



PETER KIRKLAND New Paintings May 11- June 3/12 “Kirkland’s forms can suggest shells, bones, jellyfish, flowers even fabric, all engaged in a kind of transformation, either growing or disintegrating, blown by the wind, or dancing, or floating.” Regina Haggo, The Spectator, May 24/12.  http://www.thespec.com/whatson-story/2243323-side-by-side-on-james-north/#.UaJX-QGYsxk.gmail



PAUL CVETICH  Woolay Boolay June 8 – July 8/12  “Warm, joyful, and adult.” J.J., “Very phallic!” S.G., “A great show by a very silly man!” A.M,.  “Visceral, beautiful, so engaging!” A.L., “I love the fresh colors. The first 3D pieces I’ve gto to see in Canada.” M. “Playtime.” F.J. “Let’s talk, I’d like to know you.” M.F., “Got a hankerin’ for some fries!” C.M.



I Am, You Are  
Art works by CANDACE KEEGAN and CANDACE MASTERS  July 13 – Aug 5 I choose to work on two parallel bodies of work under two different artists’ personas.   Each body of works explores symbols, signs and metaphor in different ways … offering topics bridalveilthat relate to my own identity, intending to engage in a larger conversation about people’s individual identities and how they are shaped. “Suggestive?  You bet… Keegan’s boldly lifelike paintings with their smooth surfaces and vibrant colours contrast with Masters’ highly textured abstracts painted in more muted tones…The artist definitely lives two lives to the fullest. Regina Haggo, Hamilton Spectator, Aug 2/12. http://www.thespec.com/whatson-story/2098484-living-two-lives-to-the-full/#.UaJW-yHj1QY.email


the occasionally annual whirligig show 2012

motional and emotional! the 2012 version of you me gallery’s open-call whirligig show continues to Sept 14/15  (James N. Super Crawl)  dean gugler, carol priamo, chris healey, bob ezergailis, sandra crisante-crespo, leslie sasaki, gise trauttmansdorff, aliki mikulich, barbara iwanczyk & rita shedden, al peachey, janice jackson, ingrid mayrhofer & werner lichtenberger, kimi yano, jim chambers, shoji yano, helen sovereign, ramona chiasson, carey french, mina & itay ao, richard sovereign, tom lowe, jim riley, elma miller, fleur-ange lamothe, paul lisson, sabrina belanger, the whirlygig factory. http://soc.li/YK9sBiR Hamilton gallery’s kinetic sculpture is blowing in the wind




HAIMISH  Working Family Stories and Treasures of the Hamilton Jewish Community Oct 12-Nov 4, 2012. “A really beautiful, sentimental and engaging project about home, history and art.” A.L., “I saw yearning and passion and woe.” M.P., “Mazel Tov! Don’t stop!!” B.B.


 The Silhouette | Exploring the haimish exhibit at the you me gallery



BRIAN KELLY Not as Big as I Remembered it   Nov 9 – Dec 9/12 Let the painters in the suburbs have their pink roses. Downtown Hamilton demands the kind of no-nonsense, rust-red, industrial-strength art that Brian Kelly creates. His sculpture recycles the manufactured products of factories — car parts, springs, washers, pulleys, handles, rings, rods, light bulbs — mostly made of wood, glass or steel.  Using such articles also taps a traditional eastern aesthetic based on wabi-sabi. That’s the concept of finding beauty in everything, including the imperfect, the ugly, the used and the abandoned. Regina Haggo, The Hamilton Spectator, Dec 7/12 http://chrishealey.me/2012/11/21/podcast-photos-interview-with-artist-brian-kelly-hamont/ http://www.thespec.com/whatson/article/848671–breathing-new-life-into-old-objects#.UMHbAfIoNOs.gmail http://samizdatpress.typepad.com/spring_summer_2013_hamilt/brian-kelly-portfolio-10.html#.UaJEOgR7knQ.email



OMG @ YMG  end of the year group exhibition including ARPeachey CameronKuntz MaureenPaxton PaulCvetich MattMcInnis AnneMilne JimChambers PatKozowyk SarahCollard AnnerievanGemerden ShelleyNiro BarbIwanczyk WayneAllan FleurAngeLamothe RobertYates KarenThiessen JimRiley IngridMayrhofer JaniceJackson DenisFafard BobEzergailis SiennaSovereign HelenSovereign DianaGordon DeanGulger TheaHaines RogerFerreira PeterKirkland BryceKanbara BrianKelly HaroldSikkema JenHambleton,,,Opening Reception: Friday Dec. 14, 7-10 pm (James North Art Crawl) with appetizers by WILD ORCHID Gallery Hours: Wed-Sun 12-5 pm you me gallery, 330 James St. North, Hamilton, (905) 523-7754  www.youmegallery.ca


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