001Flyers (Indoors) Jan 12 – Feb 3  Bryce Kanbara‘s  wood cut-outs clad in recycled sheet metal were produced for the Qualia project celebrating 100 years of steel-making in Hamilton. They were installed on the outdoor walls in the James N. neighbourhood.  Two new works painted with metallic automotive spray enamel were made for this exhibition. “love this floating world! M.L. “Such Fantastic Light. Why it summons dreams of T.Gillam’s Brazil.” C.J.
Hamilton artist makes birds hit the walls – Hamilton Bryce Kanbara’s flyers artwork is on display on Hamilton Artists Inc.’s outside wall.

oxbow-smallHarold Sikkema: Landscrapes tapestries of earthen pacts and impacts Feb 8 – Mar 3 “A splendid selection of ingredients, like the avarice of a hotel full of talking trees” J., “Thank you for expanding my world – I’ve never seen anything like this!” M.M., “a fascinating presentation of the ecosystem from a theological perspective.” T.M., “Great photos!!! Deep thinking” C.L. “Beauty with such relevance!” S.S. I’ve finished editing my new video. Take a gander! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BziVZ0O4nL4

Ralph Caterini Recent Portraits |  Maureen Paxton Braveheart Hats 


March 8 – April 7. “Each one features a hatted head-and-shoulders view of a friend or neighbourPaxton says they have ‘very brave hearts’in agreeing to sit for her. ‘My paintings are really about our capacity to project what we imagine and to make believe.’ Caterini shows himself in his studio… He acknowledges our presence by looking at us. We look at him…Isn’t her in fact looking at us, because we are not so much his viewers, ,but his subjects?” Regina Haggo, The Hamilton Spectator, Mar 23/13  Head and shoulders above the rest

We @ You Me 10  April 12-28.
Linda Blakney, Pat Bond, Jennifer Boucher and M.Fleur Ange Lamothe, Adrian Curlea, Patti Randazzo Beckett, Barbara Townsend, Tony vander Voet. Mentor: VJane Gordon



Karen Thiessen Unit(y) May 8 – June 9.



I create patterns in Illustrator and Photoshop, often from my drawings, collages, and stitched textiles. I then print the results onto paper or trextiles and transform the digital prints with further hand-stitching, collage, acrylics, and natural dyes. Working with modules expands the dialogue amongst images, materials, and techniques. The juxtaposition of unlikely elements creates new meaningthat is unique to each viewer. Eight years later, Unit(y) is evidence of my labours. “… implications of how we are all ‘tagged’ in life.” LLD, “intricate, amazing pieces.” AB, “- mysterious – travel – signs – there’s a beautiful story here.” KR.

Shelley Niro  New Photoworks June 14 – July 7. While growing up I was not aware of being anaboriginal. We were Indians…Indigenous, First Nations, and Aboriginal became the terms by which we were youme-gallerycalled and discussed. “As we enter the gallery, we encounter Abnormally Aboriginal, a triptych self-portrait that plays with words. Like much of her art, it challenges stereotypical images of natives…Niro hints at the future in Warrior Dreams of Fighting No More. Dressed in army camouflage, the warrior restsin front of a tree-lined scene, presented like a photographic negative. He contemplates, Niro says, “the unreal thought of not having to confront conflict any more.”Regina Haggo,The Hamilton Spectator, June 29/13http://www.brantfordexpositor.ca/2013/05/31/brantford-artist-finalist-for-premiers-award







Opposing // Assemblage : (F)NOR // TH&B July 12 – Aug 4. A conversation, of sorts, between two constructed, collaborated assemblages.IMG_0855 One collective engaging another collective and 8 individual artists pondering a landscape that exists below our feet, in front of our faces, above our heads…constructed entirely out of found and scavenged materials from the surrounding neighbourhood (TH&B), alongside a lofty, imaginary landscape unfolded from surplus materials (F)NOR. (F)NOR us Donna Akrey, Andrea Carvahlo, Margaret Flood, Svava Thordis Juliusson. TH&B is Simon Frank, Dave Hind, Ivan Jurakic, Tor Lukasik-Foss.


OUR PLACE a community photo project.  Bryce Kanbara, and photographers Masoud Eskandari and Mina Ao.  Aug 9 – Sept. 14. masoudPATELAn exhibition of Dinner-time photographs from several of the diverse communities in Hamilton. In partnership with Cordoba House and with the financial support of the Ontario Arts Council. Dinnertime photos of #HamOnt diverse communities: http://bit.ly/1d3Hzku  by @anqi_shen cc @UAI_Hamilton @urbanicityYHM @mcmasterhum  http://cbc.sh/un0hOYT http://www.thespec.com/news-story/4021443-dinner-table-snapshots-showcase-city-s-cultural-diversity/#.UgePQ-6sbkQ.gmail



Ken Fukushima The Calendar Room
October 11-Nov 3.
The Calendar Room is developed from a series of 15th Century paintings depicting the “Landscapes of the Four Seasons” by the Japanese artist Sesshū (1420-1506). It’s not the “actual” landscapes that Sesshū painted, but rather his human-sized paintings of them that define the site for the Calendar Room. Together the panels form a map of a new landscape structured by a calendar (hours, days, weeks, seasons, years), and define the room containing the map.


Cindy Mochizuki Kanashibari drawings
October 11-Nov 3
Night Stories (Kanashibari), 2013 is a new set of 16 works on paper that reflect on my personal experiences of kanashibari or sleep paralysis. Kanashibari literally means ‘to be bound’ and is a phenomenon in the in-between state of sleep and wake where one experiences the inability to move or speak. In Japanese culture, they often say you are being visited by a ghost.



Carlos Rene Aguilera Tamayo November 8-Dec 8/14. In conjunction with an exchange project organized by Centre3Media, 2013carlosreneaguilera (6)this solo exhibiton by Cuban painter/printmaker, Carlos Rene Aguilera Tamayo was coordinated by Hamilton artistAlan Flint. Large paintings on unstretched canvases of people in rafts floating in surreal surroundings, and a series of small paintings 2013carlosreneaguilera (3)featuring polar bears. An artist’s talk with Cuban artists cast light on the state of the arts and artists in Cuba today.




IMG_0001omg @ ymg 2013 December 13 – Jan 5/14
Donna Ibing Sam Robinson Karen Thiessen Kelly Drennan Maureen Paxton Grazyna Ziolkowski Tom Beechinor Cees and Annerie van Gemerden Wayne Allan Jim Chambers Colleen O’Reilly Mina Ao Helen Sovereign Sienna Sovereign Peter Kirkland Bob Yates Clarissa Inglis Cameron Kuntz Bryce Kanbara Janice Kovar A.R.Peachey Jim Riley Brian Kelly Dean Gugler Sarah Collard Harold Sikkema Chuck Eelhart Fleur-Ange Lamothe Pat Kozowyk
(Tell us which work in the show reminds you of a famous Bob & Ray radio skit and win a year’s free admission to you me gallery!)

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