Welcome to you me gallery

In 1975 a dozen Hamilton artists started an artist-run centre that was to become the present-day Hamilton Artists’ Inc. We rented a storefront at 143 James North, just down the street near Cannon. We thought we were the only artists in town and wanted to use the gallery as “a social back-drop” for artists to exhibit and discuss their work.

Moving on from the Administrator’s position at the Inc. I worked as curator and administrator at a number of public art organizations. Now, I’m back on James North. It’s a less boisterous street now. The big taverns are gone. The street is two-way. There are antique-style street lamps.

The old CN train station is a banquet centre. And since 2002 when I purchased 330 James North, a number of galleries and artists have moved in and James North has burgeoned into Hamilton’s first art zone.The neighbourhood is a lively combination of Portuguese and Italian cafes, restaurants and businesses, and now, art ventures.

I want many things for you me gallery – I still want to find ways to awaken the community to the eye and mind-widening force of art. I want it to be a place where art and artists matter. Excelsior to you and me.

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