Rene Price: Crossshop

Rene Price’s:


October 13 – November 5 2017

Vernissage: Fri Oct 13, 7 PM

Finissage and Artist walkabout: Sun Nov 5, 2 PM.

Rene Price is an Ideaguy/inventor, Quirky Mockartist, Scribbler, Rascal, Non-smoking cyber Luddite and Grand Amateur. He has shown his artstuff from St Foy (Quebec), to Montreal, Ottawa, Cornwall,Toronto, London (On.), Winnipeg to Calgary and he hopes to show on the moon soon. He has been reviewed in Border Crossings, Art Papers (USA), Espace, Artichoke and various newspapers.

Who needs an artist statement? Why did I make this Crossart for the Crossshop?Does this lapsed RC have a cross to bear? Did I want to hurt, in making this art? Is it OK to just let ideas out like diarrhea? Shouldn’t we just all make happy art? How many variations on the cross can I make? Is this satire, simply puerile, juvenile play? Can’t one make art about politics or religion? Why didn’t I make art about Islam too?Over whose couch could this stuff possibly hang? Why am I asking all these smart ass questions? Is the cross an early logo for the God brand? Will I go to hell for making this shock value art? Can one design a better cross, like a better widget? Why not just leave well enough alone? Am I the only one who thinks this is (great) art? Will Bryce go to hell for letting me show this art? Does God even know what this is all about? Did you actually read this far?

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