Tesatawiyat (te/sa/ta/wi/yat)

‘Come in’ (when someone knocks on your door.)


A photo project by Bryce Kanbara and photographer Mina Ao, and Wilamina McGrimmond & Richard Claus, Shane Pennells, Jerica Ryan, Janet Town, Yvonne Maracle, Debb Elmes, Howard Moses, Anastasia Blackey, Rod Nettagog, Tom Reape, Jill Shimizu-Wilson, Paula Lalonde, Melinda Shank-Miles, Pebbles Williams, Jenny Kay Dupuis, Shylo Elmyan, Eugene Kahgee, Sharon Lewis, Courtney Parisien and their families and friends.

August 12 – Sept 11, 2016

Gallery hours: wed-sun 12-5 pm

Opening Reception Friday August 12, 7-10 pm (James North Art Crawl)

Greetings by Mayor Fred Eisenberger and Shelley Falconer, President & CEO of Art Gallery of Hamilton. And Refreshments!

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